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Trusted Pool Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

Pools come in all different shapes and sizes and are constructed of different materials. But they all have the same basic parts that keep your water fresh, clean, and healthy. Ace's Pool Care offers pool maintenance and repairs on these key components in the Keller, TX area. Whether you need routine maintenance or something’s not working as it should, you can count on our crew.

checking and analyzing the pool

We Service All Pool Equipment Brands

Our trained and qualified pool technicians service all brands of pool equipment parts. We are trained and skilled in troubleshooting challenging problems and completing the most basic repairs. You can count on us whether you need assistance with:

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Skimmers
  • Return lines
  • And more
under construction of swimming pool

Understanding How Your Pool Works

If you own a pool, it’s essential to understand the basic operation of the pump and filtration system to get a better idea of how it works, why it’s important, and possible signs there might be an issue. The sooner you or our team detect a problem, the easier the repair will be. While convenient and luxury add-ons like chemical feeders and heaters aren’t found in every pool, you can bet that a pump and a filter will be. The pump is the heartbeat of the pool. It circulates water from the swimming area through the filtration system and returns it to the main pool. Filters, skimmers, pipes, and valves are all essential components of this system.

Your Local Pool Professionals

Our promise to every customer is to deliver reliable services at a competitive price. We understand the disappointment that comes with pool equipment that isn’t functioning correctly. You own a swimming pool to take advantage of when the weather is in its prime. Don’t lose precious days relaxing in your backyard. Contact the professionals at Ace's Pool Care to get your pool equipment working as expected.

Your Local Pool Care Provider in Keller, TX and Surrounding Areas